Baby Jogger Performance

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The original three wheeler for the active outdoor parent.

It all started with the Baby Jogger in 1984, and although most other manufacturers have tamed the three wheel concept for the city walker Baby Jogger have kept true to their roots and still produce the ideal sport pushchair.

The Baby Jogger Performance is supplied with 20" alloy wheels. The larger wheels and greater wheelbase 'footprint' provide improved stability, superior tracking/handling at speed plus a longer stride for the active parent... but make it less suitable for confined spaces such as shops.

The larger wheels plus rear shock absorbers give a smoother ride for the passenger.

Now the bad news....

Pushchairs sold in the UK used to be regulated by British Standard 7409 but now it is a European Standard EN1888

The new regulation no longer tests pushchairs for their weight capacity and what use they are suitable for. Instead the new standard tests all pushchairs to a single weight and for a single use - products either pass or not. The Baby Jogger Performance has passed those tests BUT the new standard is only for a pushchair at walking speed not jogging or running. There is no test for jogging or running. As a result the Baby Jogger Performance model (designed, built and with years of proven performance for running) cannot be sold for the purpose of jogging or running, it can only be used at walking speed.

(Note this may not be 100% technically accurate but it is our best understanding)

Madness ? perhaps, but on the other hand the intention is to protect your child from injury by the obvious accident or more subtle shaking/vibration which might be more likely at speed, and the problem is that the law cannot simply assume that the pushchair will be operated safely with common sense. Some people would react by not running with their child, others by taking responsibility for the care of their child when running.

We think that some parents will still choose to run with their child despite the fact that there are now no pushchairs approved for running in the EU (note if you look at manufacturers websites this may not be obvious as they are not based in the EU). We think that if you are going to do it then the Baby Jogger Performance gives your child the smoothest ride and best protection but be under no misunderstanding you will be operating the pushchair outside of it's approved use unless presumably you to take it outside of the EU to use it.

We hope that we are acting responsibly by continuing to supply this product but only having first brought your attention explicitly to this information (comments welcome !).

front wheel fine tuning

You might expect that a pushchair would automatically go in a straight line but in fact that is actually quite a difficult thing to achieve, everything has to be aligned perfectly. For an off road pushchair, like the Summit, any minor inaccuracy from 'true' is irrelevant compared to how the rough ground is taking it off line, but when you get onto smoother surfaces and in particular when moving quickly it is crucial that the pushchair does not veer.

For this reason the Baby Jogger Performance has an adjustment mechanism on the front wheel forks to enable you to fine tune out any veering. It can even be used to adjust to the user's own personal style ( e.g. someone who pushes with their hand on the right side of the handlebar will naturally be steering left).

Simply turn the bolt with an allen key to project or withdraw the front fork on that side (both sides are adjustable).

rear wheel suspension

Performance rear wheels have a robust suspension system. The suspension permits movement up/down to absorb jolts/bumps whilst preventing sideways movement.

The large 20" wheels offer a shallow angle of attack to bumps or hollows and together with the rear suspension enable a smoother ride for the child, while the fixed handlebar still gives you the positive action you need to manage the pushchair - push down on the handle and the pushchair moves as you direct it, none of the flex/lag of an adjustable handle.

As you would expect from Baby Jogger you also get as standard a reassuringly solid frame manufactured as a one-piece frame, which means there are no hinges or joints that may weaken from frequent and intense use.

Performance Folding System

The Baby Jogger Performance can be folded with the wheels on but it will be more compact having first removed the wheels.

At the joint where the seat frame meets the under frame are two snap locks which lock the two sections together - rotate to undo the locks, pull the seat frame out of the connector tubes and fold down.

Erecting the pushchair is simply the reverse of the above


Ensure that the snap locks are closed before using the pushchair.

Click to watch the Baby Jogger Performance Demo Video

or see the Baby Jogger Performance User Manual

(note this is the US version, there isn't an online UK version available)

Quick Release Wheels

Removing the wheels makes it more compact for storage and transportation. It can also help reduce the transfer of dirt from the wheels to the inside of your car.

On the rear axle is a release button for the wheel axle, press the release button and pull out the wheel. To mount the wheel simply re-insert the axle and push until you hear it 'click' into place, then give the wheel a tug - just to double check it is securely locked in

On one end of the axle is a lever folded back against the frame. The 'running brake' caliper is closed over the wheel and has to be undone before the front wheel can be removed

Fold out the axle lever and undo then pull front wheel out of the forks. Mounting the front wheel is simply the reverse of the above procedure.


When remounting the wheel ensure that the axle is fully back into the forks on both sides. If it isn't then the wheel will point to the left or right...and you'll go around in circles !

Fold back the axle lever pointing to the rear of the frame rather than have it pointing forward as this reduces the chance of it getting snagged on something when you are going along.


Baby Jogger Performance has parking brakes on both rear wheels, a 'running'(deceleration) brake on the front wheel and also a safety handle wrist strap.

Long Warranty

Lifetime frame warranty for defects of materials or workmanship (not wear and tear, accidental damage, negligence or misuse). One year warranty on fabrics, nil warranty for punctures.

The Baby Jogger Performance is now available as the 25th Anniversary model (click on an image to enlarge it)

The obvious difference between the previous Performance Classic and the 25th Anniversary models is 'cosmetic' - fabric & frame colours, weathershield & basket design. And in essence they are the same frame but the 25th Anniversary model (the blue one) is more than just a straight 'makeover' on the Classic model.

The substantial difference is the wheels - the 25th Anniversary model has lightweight racing wheels with narrow tyres, on the one hand they give a pushchair of lower weight and less rolling resistance so easier to run with.

On the other hand they may be less robust if used on rough surfaces (more susceptible to accidental damage). The thinner tyres will not provide as much pneumatic suspension (ride quality) and with only standard inner tubes there is an increased risk of punctures.

Minor differences are that the 25th Anniversary model seat has a fixed position (it cannot be reclined), it was originally designed with a zip on Weathershield rather than the more traditional rain cover however this is no longer available and we now supply the pushchair with a standard PVC Rain Cover. There is a fabric pocket in the side of the seat for the occupant.

Baby Jogger Performance 25th Anniversary Ice Blue

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Baby Jogger Performance Classic Black/Red - DISCONTINUED MODEL

We prefer to supply the Baby Jogger Performance with some essential accessories in all of our packages - Rain Cover & Pump. There's a range of quality Baby Jogger accessories to customise your Baby Jogger Performance.

(the range of accessories does NOT include a carrycot or car seat adaptor as the pushchair is not recommended for use under six months, in the US a car seat adaptor is available but not in the EU).

Drinks Holder (Liquid Holster)

The Liquid Holster clamps easily onto the pushchair frame where it is most convenient for you, the drinks holder part itself is detachable from the clamp if that makes it easier for you when the pushchair is folded and when mounted it pivots in one direction to reduce spills. Self adjusting grips hold almost all bottle and can sizes up to 800ml.

There is also a range of additional accessories we have selected over a number of years with to further customise your Baby Jogger Performance, the most popular of which are:

Lambskin Stroller Fleece

Luxury - 100% Natural Lambskin shorn to an even pile for comfort and ease of use (fewer tangles). Made from a single Lambskin Fleece, this is not a patchwork fleece and not a short fleece with separate head piece.

Fits the Baby Jogger Summit Seat it has holes at three levels for the shoulder harness straps. It fits the standard seat or the carrycot, warm & cosy in cold weather while in hot weather it absorbs perspiration releasing it into the air to help that your child stays dry & comfortable. Lambskin fleece soothes & calms infants and toddlers.

Snuggle Bag

We find that the Snuggle Bag made by Alvi of Germany actually fits the Baby Jogger Performance better than Baby Jogger's own Footmuff as the seat is more tapered to the knee than their other models.

A top quality sleeping bag style of 'cosytoes' designed for use with the five point child harnesses on most pushchairs. Suitable from 6 months to 4+ years, your child will appreciate the sheer luxury. You will both appreciate the benefit of not having to dress up a young child in several layers of clothing before going out.

But these aren't just for the coldest of winter days. On a fresh spring morning or at dusk on a summers evening it can be quite chilly for a child who isn't keeping warm by moving about. Waterproof exterior with fleece lining for instant warmth on contact. The base of the bag can be unzipped for the older/larger child and there is a optional hood draw string included to cosy up the opening at the top.

The Snuggle Bag is ‘mummy style’ - slightly tapered at the foot to fit better on the narrow footplate of the Baby Jogger Performance and there’s a light reflector for night time safety.

Plus it’s Machine Washable ! (do not tumble dry)

Shade-a-Babe UV Sun Shade

These days we are much better informed about the long term harmful effects of the sun's rays... as well as the short term discomfort ! A baby's skin is more sensitive to sunlight than our own and needs protection.

The Shade-a-Babe UV Sun Shade reduces UV by between 70% and 90% (Sun Visor position cuts glare by 99%). Shown left on a  Baby Jogger Performance the Shade-a-Babe will also fit the Baby Jogger Performance, the Shade-a-Babe Protects against reflected light from water (inc. snow) or light/concrete surfaces, and which can be a significant problem.

Acts also as an insect net and cat net, shields from blustery winds and protects against light showers with easy access 'Zip n Go' front panel.

Head Hugger

Useful when a baby first moves up from the carrycot to the standard seat as the shoulder harness straps may pass irritatingly close to their ears, a head hugger can correct this by concealing the excess strap which is above the baby's shoulders.


Baby Jogger Performance Specifications

Length 142 cm (56")
Handle Height 104 cm (41")
Handle to Axle 'separation' 30cm (12")
Width 65 cm (25.5")
Lower Leg (knee to footplate) 30 cm (11.75")
Seat Width at Shoulder Height 38 cm (15")
Seat Width at Knee 25 cm (9.75")
Seat Depth 23 cm (9")
Max Head Height 56 cm (22")
Seat Back Height 54 cm (21.5")
Maximum Head Height 56 cm (22")
Weight 25th Anniversary model 9.3 kg (19.6 lbs) Classic model 11 kg (24.5 lbs)
Max Load Child, Europe EN1888 15 kg (33 lbs) (US - 100 lbs, 45 kg)

folded wheels off

Length 125 cm (49")
Height 23 cm (9")
Width 50 cm (19.5")
Weight (no wheels) 5.9kg (13lbs)

Additional Notes


The Baby Jogger Performance is not tested/approved in the EU for greater than walking speeds.


We supply mainly in the UK but we often deliver to other European countries however there are additional payment and warranty issues which need to be discussed first, please contact us at:


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